A collaborator since our debut in 2018, Utilitario Mexicano is a Mexico City-based brand that designs functional and beautiful objects that have traditionally been part of Mexican life. Manufactured in blacksmithing, carpentry, lathe, and ceramic workshops, Utilitario Mexicano designs pieces that last, focusing on simple pieces that serve a purpose.


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About Tribute

Tribute is an online shop and occasional brick and mortar whose mission is to create a platform to increase access to responsible and ethical clothing, jewelry, design brands and vintage from all around the world.

We believe style should not come at the cost of our environment. The brands at Tribute drive positive change; they design and produce with intention in a transparent and ethical manner by using organic, natural, and recycled textiles and paying their workers a fair wage. Read more about our ethos here.

  • Responsible + women + minority owned small business

  • Ethically and responsibly made clothing, jewelry, and homeware

  • Recycled and natural textiles

  • Unique selection of vintage items from around the world

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