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Cleopatra’s Bling creates one-of-a-kind pieces from gold and silver inspired by history and collective memory. Cleopatra’s Bling employs traditional jewelry-making techniques to create modern pieces handmade by expert artisans in India, Indonesia, and Italy. All pieces are nickel and lead-free. The collection uses recycled stainless steel throughout. Gems, where possible, are ethically sourced from Australian suppliers to ensure ethical sourcing conditions are in place.



Cleopatra’s Bling was born in 2014, from an adoration of travel, the etherial, and the symbolic. A fusion of Eastern allure and Western style. Dreamed up in Paris, the founder Olivia moved to Turkey to learn the art of adornment in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. She carved wax, hammered metals and sourced stones while sipping on thick Turkish coffee. Olivia creates jewelry with emotional and historical relevance, dipping into the collective memory, all while respecting ancient jewelry-making traditions. Each and every piece is designed by the artist who is currently based in Naples. 
Materials: The solid gold range is handcrafted in Italy by Olivia and an expert stone-setter in the traditional gold-smithing district of Florence. The gold-plated, vermeil, and sterling silver range is created by artisans in Indonesia and India.
Recycled sterling silver is used across the range, and all pieces are completely lead and nickel free. Wherever possible the brand sources their gems from Australian suppliers whom they have a long term relationship with, so as to be able to best ensure ethical conditions.
Workshops: Between Florence, India and Indonesia. Cleopatra’s Bling works with traditional craftspeople who have been plying their family trade for generations, such as enamel workers, and bead-makers in places such as Afghanistan and Nepal, helping to assist them in continuing to have ownership of their cultural heritage and to be able to support themselves well in the future. 
Employees: Cleopatra's Bling works with a team of approximately 7 people, as well as a number of specialists brought in for assistance on particular aspects of the brand such as web and graphic design.
Social Responsibility: Cleopatra's Bling works with almost an exclusively female team. They maintain frequent contact with the artisans who craft each piece. They receive regular updates from their artisans, from Septina, for example, who works in Bali or Ireen who works on the rudrashka beads. Understanding their working conditions and making sure their workplace is safe are essential for the brand. Olivia personally visits the workshops at regular intervals. 

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