Armando Takeda

Artisan Made / Transparent

Armando Takeda is a fashion brand established in Mexico. Its main focus is the preservation of traditional Mexican cultural elements. Each piece is designed in Mexico City and handcrafted by craftsmen around the country. The brand aims to improve the living conditions of the artisans by training them and modernizing their crafts in order to ensure them stable job opportunities. The designer works especially closely with artisans in the southern Mexican states of Oaxaca and Guerrero, which are famous for their embroideries. He also collaborates with the Purepecha in Michoacán and the Huichol in Nayarit and Jalisco. Takeda was named an official ambassador of Save the Children Mexico, the first designer to be named from Mexico’s textile industry. The brand also contributes a percentage of their sales to support the artisans and improve their living conditions.  

Suppliers: Malhia Kent, a fabric mill in France and LINTON Tweeds in London.
Embroideries and details are provided by Mexican artisans. Each season, they create new and exclusive fabrics for Armando Takeda. The lining is made from recycled cotton.

Factories: The garments are made in different regions in Mexico, from Oaxaca, Michoacán, Chiapas, Nayarit and more. All pieces are finished and assembled in Armando Takeda's Mexico City atelier.

Employees: 8 in-house employees and artisans all over Mexico.

Social responsibility: Armando Takeda was named the official ambassador of Save the Children Mexico, the first designer to be named from Mexico’s textile industry. The company also contributes part of their sales to support and improve the artisans’ living conditions.

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