Ethical manufacturing / Woman made

Based in Mexico City, Avocet is a line of handcrafted jewelry that brings together the cultures, stories and symbols contained in each of us. Avocet was created in 2012 by Michelle Goñi who was inspired by the relics and ceremonial objects of her multicultural upbringing. In creating the brand, Michelle sought to pay homage to the natural beauty of the Appalachian Mountains of her childhood while appreciating the organized chaos of her native Mexico City.

Materials:  Sterling Silver 9:25 and gold vermeil (24k gold plated sterling silver).

Suppliers and Factories: The gold and silver are from Mexico. The emerald is from Mexico and Colombia. All of Avocet’s pieces are designed and produced by Michelle in her Mexico City workshop, one block away from the Zócalo where Mexico City's story began. The gold and diamonds are certified.

Employees: 10 employees.

Social responsibility: Avocet has a line of repurposed vintage jewelry made in small runs.

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