Caralarga founders Ana Holschneider Gómez and María del Socorro Gasca Chalqueño (“Soco”) first thought of the idea of creating jewelry from 100% raw cotton thread during a visit to the old textile factory “El Hércules” in 2014 in Querétaro. The texture, color and smell of the thread in particular inspired the founders to design their jewelry line. Each piece is handmade by Soco and craftswomen in their Querétaro atelier. The artisans dedicate an important part of their time and skills to the production of each Caralarga piece. The brand intention is to strengthen the value of traditions and culture and share their love and respect for crafts with every customer.
Materials: The majority of fabrics are post-consumer scraps and leftover materials from the Hércules textile factory in Querétaro. When needed, the company purchases raw cotton yarn from the same factory.
Suppliers: Hércules Textile Factory in Querétaro, small shops in downtown Querétaro, Fibra sansieviera producers in the Yucatán and imported wax thread.
Factories: Hércules Textile Factory, Querétaro, Mexico.
Employees: 9 employees.
Social responsibility: Every piece is 100% handmade in the Caralarga atelier. Soco trains the artisans and teaches them to produce each piece of jewelry.

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