Kaye Blegvard

Ethical manufacturing/ Eco-friendly

Kaye Blegvad is an illustrator and maker from London, England. She is now based in New York. Her work often deals with ideas about female identity and mental health. Kaye works across a variety of different media, including ceramics, metalwork, textiles, and print. She designs everything, and makes most items by hand.

Datter Industries is a line of jewelry, designed and made by Kaye Blegvad. It begun in New York City in 2010, then expanded to London in 2012. Datter is an endeavor to turn drawings and ideas into jewelry. All pieces are designed by Kaye in NYC. They start out as models hand carved in wax, which are then cast and finished individually by hand in the studio. The work is intended to show signs of being handmade, nothing too clean or too perfect. The process is part of the product. Inspiration is drawn from all over the place - ancient artifacts, talismans, rituals, and the natural world.

Materials:  Brass, silver, gold, gemstones, leather, cotton, paper, ceramics.

Suppliers/Factories: The brand works with multiple suppliers and fabricators. All jewelry is cast with fabricators in New York, and finished by hand in their studio. Some items are made by hand by Kaye. Other items are mostly made around the USA, and a few of their pieces are made overseas. The brand is careful to check information and certificates from overseas factories before working with them.

Employees: Three employees.

Environmental Responsibility: Kaye Blegvard uses recycled metals in her jewelry and makes sure to use recycled materials wherever possible. The stones are ethically sourced. She only work with factories that use ethical manufacturing processes. She make things in the USA wherever possible. Finally, she uses recycled packaging materials, avoiding the use plastic in her packaging.