MMANN Candles

What is your brand's philosophy?
MMANN Candles are quirky handmade candles to help make you + your space feel good. They're just these perfect little candles that reflect back out humanness in a beautiful, authentic way. Every Candle is made by hand with love and authenticity. Each candle represents and extends into something bigger! They represent each of us in our perfectly imperfect humanness. Some of them melt weird, sometimes they develop a little frost, sometimes the colour is a little bit more unique than others, but the truth is, they're honest. 
Where do you get inspiration?
I get inspired by celebrating the everyday with all the things that make me feel good. Creating an ambiance, foods & beverages, travel, different forms of art + much more! 
Tell us about yourself and your team!
MMANN is supported by a community of beautiful humans and are 100% Woman of Colour owned. I (Monika) am a first generation Canadian with immigrant parents, both from India. Every candle is handmade by me. My sister who is half Punjabi & Canadian helps with creative direction & photography of all images. In the second year of my small business I have yet to actually pay myself while I work to grow MMANN Candles. 
Where are your products designed?
All candles are designed In my home in Toronto, Canada. 
What materials do you use? Where are your raw materials made? 
We use 100% all natural materials. Our waxes are made in Canada + USA ~ all our partners are ISO certified along with the following certifications: Ecocert ( COSMO), QAI ( organic certified), USDA Organic, Vegecert ( vegan), IFEAT & Fair-trade certified. 
Where are your final products made? 
All MMANN Candles are made by hand in Toronto, Canada by me, the founder! 
What certifications do you have, if any?
The certification to make you and your space feel good :) 
What are you most proud of as a brand?
I love that we celebrate being human. To celebrate our everyday and to encourage everyone to make time to make themselves + their space feel good. Our world is such a wild place and we are constantly facing the stress of our everyday lives while trying to all be " perfect" in our own ways. We deserve to celebrate ourselves just the way we are and celebrate the everyday. We have no idea what tomorrow holds. 
What is your vision for the fashion/homeware/art industry in the future?
I hope consumers continue to understand the impact of handmade & ethical goods/homewares. I hope fast- manufactured goods can take a back seat so that small business's + artists can continue to create and be compensated fairly.

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