Queen of Cowries / Lafalaise Dion

What is your brand's philosophy?
Célébrer ma culture et portez mon héritage, montrer l’expertise et le savoir-faire MADE IN AFRICA
Celebrate my culture and wear my heritage, Show the artisanship and skills, the “Savoir Faire” of Made in Africa. 
Where do you get inspiration?
Dans ma culture. 
I get my inspiration from my culture. 
Tell us about yourself and your team!
(how many people are on the team, how does that breakdown by race and gender, what is the base pay, what benefits are offered, and anything else you'd like to include)
Nous sommes une équipe de 14 femmes, je suis la CEO, mais je travaille également sur la stratégie de développement de la marque. J’ai une assistante de production qui gère l’atelier. J’ai deux jeunes designers apprenant et des parleuses, monteuses, couturières. Selon les commandes.
Nous recrutons de la main-d'œuvre. Nous travaillons avec une ONG qui recueille des jeunes défavorisés que nous formons et intégrons dans l’équipe. Mes équipes sont des membres de familles, nous partageons des moments ensemble une fois par mois dans un lieu inédit pour nous découvrir et parler à cœur ouvert de la marque et la contribution de chacun 
We are a team of 14 women. I (Lafalaise Dion) am the CEO and I work equally with my team on the brand development strategy. I have a production assistant who manages our atelier, two young apprentices and editors and seamstresses depending on the orders. We would like to recruit more people, I guess that is a good thing. We also work with an NGO, based here in Abidjan. The NGO takes in young people who come from underprivileged backgrounds and as part of our partnership, we train and integrate them in our team. 
My teams are usually made of members of my family. Every month, we gather together in a new place to share moments, discover and learn about each other and explore opportunities of growth. Each one gets to contribute to the growth of our brand. 
Where are your products designed?
Dans notre atelier à cocody 
In our workshop in Cocody, Abidjan. 
What materials do you use? Where are your raw materials made? (Include as many details as possible about the factory/workshop/supplier. i.e. name, website, contact information, address, number of workers, etc.)
Nos matériaux sont faits en Côte-d’Ivoire disponibles dans les marchés locaux. Nous sommes 💯 MADE IN AFRICA 
Our materials are  made in  Côte-d’Ivoire, they are available here in local market. We are 💯 MADE IN AFRICA. 
Where are your final products made?(Include as many details as possible about the factory/workshop/supplier. i.e. name, website, contact information, address, number of workers, etc.)
Nos produits finis, nos packaging sont faits à Abidjan, chez des artisans locaux et des imprimeurs locaux.
Our pieces are made, manufactured and packaged in Abidjan. We exclusively work with local artisans and printers. 
What certifications do you have, if any?
What are you most proud of as a brand?
Pouvoir travailler avec des femmes, les inspirer, les former et montrer le talent des femmes Africaines. C’est ma plus grande fierté 
To be able to work with women, to inspire them, nurture and train them and show everyone the talent of African women. That is my greatest pride. 
What is your vision for the fashion/homeware/art industry in the future?
Construire une des plus grandes Maison de Mode/Art. Le Palais Royal du savoir et la préservation de la culture .
I would like to build one of the greatest Maison de Mode/Art (house of fashion and art). The Royal Palace of Knowledge and Preservation of Culture. 
Is there anything else you'd like to share?
Je suis ravie de travailler avec vous. Je vous remercie pour la confiance.
I am pleased to be working with you and I’m thankful for your trust.