Rita Row

What is your brand's philosophy?
At Rita Row, we feel and promote commitment to the proximity and quality industry. This is a project with an integral soul, which combines tradition, conscience, design, and exclusivity. We want to offer a new generation of quality apparel for women looking for distinctive clothing.
Where do you get inspiration?
Everything we design, we do it thinking of the women who inspire us.
Rita likes comfort, quality, and unique clothing. She is a modern, hard-working, sensitive to details and free woman.
Tell us about yourself and your team!
Our team is mainly made up of women. Together, we feel that everything is possible. We are hardworking and passionate, and we love living and working in our hometown, near the sea.
Where are your products designed?
We design in our Studio in Figueres, Spain. 
What materials do you use? Where are your raw materials made? 
The threads and fabrics all come from Europe (Spain, Italy, and France) and most of our fabrics have certifications. We work with cottons, organic cottons, Ecovero, Tencel, recycled fibers, Seaqual license, etc. We try to keep our supply chain as sustainable as possible, our goal is to achieve fair, safe, and healthy conditions throughout the whole chain, we prioritize the ethical process and products with recycled and ecological content to minimize environmental impact.
Where are your final products made? 
All our garments are manufactured between Spain and Portugal. They are ethically produced. The garment workers have access to a fair wage, security and decent working conditions. Our team has developed close and long-term working relationships with factories, we consider each employee in the supply chain as a member of the Rita Row team.
What certifications do you have, if any?
Oeko Tex, GOTS, Global Recycled Standard (GRS), SEAQUAL , Leather Working Group Certificate, 
What are you most proud of as a brand?
We are proud of the results, especially because everything we got is the fruit of our effort, with no one's help or investors. We built everything from zero, working really hard, believing in ourselves, growing little by little every year, and we became a great team with great values. 
What is your vision for the fashion/homeware/art industry in the future?
More sustainable, caring about the planet and about the people, genderless. We are in favor of trends that contribute to implementing values in a society that is willing to consume more consciously. It is not an impossible mission, we just need all of us to take a responsible and ethical attitude towards fashion.