Who are we?


Tribute is a responsible retail and a cross-disciplinary space born in Washington DC. We are a small independently owned and funded company. We work with small conscious self-funded designers and brands. We focus our efforts on bringing you alternative and responsible brands from around the world. Every dollar that you spend with us contributes to the growth of our and their communities.
Tribute also provides a medium for thoughtful and intentional discourse in the field of fashion, presenting thought-provoking programming such as exhibitions, workshops and talks that encourage critical thinking and engage local artists, designers and activists, on the field of fashion as an industry, a discipline and a cultural phenomenon. 
We work with small and independent designers from the United States, Mexico, the Middle East, West Africa and South East Asia as long as the work aligns with our mission. We also carry an extensive selection of vintage and secondhand pieces.
Tribute is an alternative space with big ideas. 

About the founders

We are four friends from different parts of the world who connected in Washington DC. Growing up between Abidjan, Accra, Beirut, DC and Warsaw helped us develop a familiarity with the diverse textiles and techniques used in the art of making garments worldwide. It helped each of us develop a culture and appreciation of fashion. We have different voices and each has their own set of struggles as we move through the world. We focus our efforts on creating a responsible and inclusive platform to discuss sartorial and other cultural matters - a platform that respects and represents our diverse voices and experiences and the voices of our collaborators and community. 
We believe that today our work is so much more about conversations and exchange than only clothing. We can do better.