Tankë Skirt
Tankë Skirt

Queen of Cowries

Tankë Skirt

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According to some African mythologies, the cowrie is a symbol of wealth, prosperity and fertility. And that’s exactly what it brought to Ivorian designer Lafalaise Dion.

For Dion, cowrie shells represent the African story. “It is the legacy left by my ancestors. It is a way for me to reconcile myself with the African spirituality, to show the world the richness and uniqueness of my culture,” says Dion. 

About this piece: Tankë Skirt 

Waist belt allure ideal for all looks. You can put it on dresses, jeans... Can be worn as a necklace too.

  • Material: Pearls, Cowries, Nylon
  • One size fits all
  • Handmade and hand-stitched in Ivory Coat
  • Tiara wears the Tankë Skirt with the Bella dress in Tortilla, M.

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Tankë Skirt
Tankë Skirt